Utah Needs a Representative to Fight for the Least Among Us


Where I'm From

I grew up in a poor family in North Las Vegas. I was raised by a single mother who worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. I attended elementary and middle school in some of the poorest parts of Vegas. The struggles my mother went through and her effort to provide for three kids in a world that marginalized her labor has left its mark on me. She always found a way to provide for us. Her strength and determination to be a good mother despite everything life had thrown at her has been a shining example to me. Despite all of her hard work she struggled under the economic and psychological burden of our healthcare system. After marrying my father, she fell ill and my family got to see first hand the worst of our healthcare system. The burden of economic uncertainty. The fear of losing your home. Many of my teachers, those in my congregation, and my friends and relatives have struggled with these same burdens. These burdens seemed to be common among those in our economic class and I accepted them as part of life.

Where I've Been

I met my wife at the end of my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We married young and had our first child soon after. We struggled for a few years and lived paycheck to paycheck while I worked as a manual laborer in a warehouse. I decided that I wanted to give more to my children than that same economic uncertainty. So I decided to take on debt and go to college. I worked through college as a janitor and sometimes a web developer. When I couldn't work, my wife worked and we found childcare. Two and a half years later I graduated as Valedictorian from Neumont University. My first job out of college was in Healthcare IT. This is where I first learned how behind our healthcare system is compared to our foreign allies. I now work as a software engineer in the lease to own market and lead a team of some of the smartest people I've ever met. It is a part of my job to use the scientific method, evaluate data, and work within a strict time frame. I am a husband and father of three beautiful children.

Our Struggle

I, like many in my generation, have student loans and medical debt. The burden this has placed on me and my family is hard to describe. I often think of the implications of me losing my job or my life. As the major earner in our household I constantly worry about my family's healthcare and the exorbitant premiums we pay before we ever get care. My fears are not all that unique. These fears are a terrifying reality to me and they're a terrifying reality for millions of Americans. Americans are burdened by student loans and medical debt which have caused much economic uncertainty. I often look to lawmakers for something that would benefit my family's situation. Something that would alleviate our fears, but instead I hear of tax cuts. Not for me or for you. Tax cuts for the top one percent. Tax cuts for large multinational businesses. Deregulation of wall street. Defunding the EPA, Planned Parenthood, and other noble and beneficial government agencies and organizations. I look to our representatives for answers and get only rhetoric while they attempt to strip away the government that provides for the common good. I became disillusioned with our system, because it seemed like nobody cared. We, the middle and lower class, have been forgotten by those we have elected to congress.

We Deserve Better

We deserve better. Congress should be doing all in their power to protect us from those who would devalue our labor and our human dignity. We deserve a representative who cares about our needs, not their donor's.

We need a representative who makes policy based on evidence and reality.

We deserve a representative who will protect our environment and ensure that there are clean rivers and forests for our children.

We deserve a representative that will take seriously our healthcare crisis and find a way to provide healthcare to all Americans so that we can finally join the rest of the modern world in ensuring that healthcare is a right.

We deserve a representative that cares for the struggle of the middle and lower class.

We deserve a representative that will do everything in their power to protect our democracy by fighting for election reform.

We deserve representatives who will fight for the starving child, not the banker.

We deserve representatives who will fight for the sick, not the pharmaceutical executives.

I am running for congress in Utah's 4th district to be that representative.